Ready for Change

How do you know if your organization is ready for a change?

Do you suffer from these symptoms?

Symptom 1: Buried

You’d like to be more efficient but you are buried under a barrage of reports and spreadsheets just to get a handle on the basics month after month after month.

Symptom 2: Old School

Despite all the electronic systems in place, you feel you still need to resort to primitive measures to tally up your current position on simple things like monthly sales, inventory or field personnel status.

Symptom 3: Missing Links

The Business Intelligence or reporting system in place does not ‘talk’ to all the other critical systems, is cumbersome to update despite critical business updates, only gives you a part of the picture, or worse disagree with other report systems if there is more than one in place.

Symptom 4: The ‘Last Mile’

Because the reporting system does not connect all the dots, it takes teams of people to piece together all the information to make sense out of your monthly position.  Getting where you ‘should’ be in reporting and analytics feels light-years away!

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