Leading Edge Technology

Moving You to the Front of the Pack

With our patent pending e.Mergent™ architecture, onerous data warehousing projects are no longer necessary to get robust reporting and deep analytics.  This means you see results immediately so you can be on your way to move ahead of the competition.

Optimized for Dynamic Environments

Meeting Real World Businesses Needs

The VeriPoint e.Mergent™ Analytic Solution is architected for handling highly dynamic business and system environments.  Your business does not sit still; now your reporting doesn’t have to either.  Stay in step with your business at all times.

Automated Data Mining

Connecting the Dots

With our e.Mergent Analytic Solution, the dots literally connect themselves.  You don’t need to create special code to find the relationships in your data.  When it occurs, we show you.  See your business like you’ve never seen it before.

Cloud/SaaS-Based Solutions

Private or Public, Your Choice

Our entire e.Mergent architecture is internet based.  This allows your workforce and customers to access robust reporting from anywhere in the world, on any device.  Our flexible hive architecture, cloud storage, and grid processing is geared for maximum efficiency and low operating cost.