e.Mergent™ Platform

Experience unparalleled business agility by using VeriPoint’s schema-less e.Mergent™Architecture.

Technical Summary:

  • Easy to use web based solution, available either in public or private Cloud/SaaS environments
  • Designed for processing real-time streaming data for proactive reporting.
  • Tap into all available data sources: sensor streams, flat files, ESB messages, any relational database, etc.
  • Deliver subscription based or on demand reports, event triggered alerts, and live dashboards
  • Leverages existing enterprise or cloud based security systems
  • Competitively priced and easy to deploy
  • Array of web based self-serve interfaces for you, your employees, and your customers to use.
  • Flexible hive architecture, cloud storage, and grid processing for maximum efficiency and lowest operating cost
  • Supports multiple operating systems and mobile platforms