Location Intelligence

Sensors Everywhere

More and more companies are monitoring key assets using sensor technology.  The radical increase in real-time data volume is a boon to truly understanding an enterprise’s operational position.  However, parsing volatile real-time data streams with traditional approaches bogs down already stressed infrastructures.

VeriPoint’s Location Intelligence Platform

VeriPoint’s e.Mergent™ platform is designed to handle dynamic real-time demands.  VeriPoint aggregates in real time giving you instant alerts and notifications on actionable events as they happen.  This helps  increase productivity, decrease risk, and better serve customers.

Here are a few features in our Location Intelligence package:

  • Create real-time alerts based on key indicators easily defined at the user level
  • Automated discovery of each organization’s hierarchy plus user based virtual hierarchies to visualize region, teams, and units in new ways
  • Advanced easy to use filtering
  • Map layers of your choosing
  • Automated decomposition menus showing ranked results by simply right-clicking on any data element
  • Mash up dashboards lets to leverage best-in-class visualization tools on the web
  • And much more!

Contact us to find out how you can put VeriPoint’s Location Intelligence platform to work for you.

In the Field

See how one customer uses VeriPoint’s Location Intelligence platform to offer easy to use state-of-the-art analytics to their customers:

CompassCom™ Software Company is a full service provider for Mobile Resource Management. They supply all the tools necessary from GPS sensors to software to manage and analyze fleets of mobile assets.  By leveraging VeriPoint’s Location Intelligence platform to create CompassReports™, their customers can now slice and dice and have actionable insights to their fleets like never before.

Please visit the CompassReports website for more information, case studies, and a video demo, etc.