e.Mergent Concepts

The e.Mergent™ Architecture is uniquely suited to work in the constantly changing environment which every business faces.

Here are some insights into the concepts we model our technology:


Emergence is a new field of study that touts bottom up self organization and ‘intelligence’ over top down command systems.  Essentially, imagine how an ant colony is able to self organize and operate efficiently based on very simple local input without any commander-in-chief.  It’s a misnomer to believe that the queen ant is in any way directing the colony.   To do so would require an all knowing, all wise super ant.  Frankly, ants just aren’t that smart.  Yet without such a super being or any advanced communication skills, they are able to turn on a dime and respond with agility to environmental demands.

Carrying the analogy forward, a top down approach in reporting and analytics has perpetuated an extremely heavy handed methodology of data modeling and data warehousing disciplines before getting to any reports.  This is to support inherently static models and architecture.  Change is an immense burden in this environment and requires more top down manual intervention and ‘re-cubing’ to update the reporting infrastructure and intrinsically removes them from the real-time loop.   All business executives and end-users see is a system that constantly requires IT intervention to keep up with business needs.

VeriPoint’s e.Mergent™ Approach

Our fundamental design concepts are based on a bottom up approach.  The e.Mergent™ architecture leverages “cells” that self organize the e.Mergent datastore based on localized information about each cell and its relationships.  Clustering and patterns are built organically.  Additionally, the e.Mergent datastore self-tunes aggregations based on what users are looking at and how often they look at it.  Our flexible hive architecture, cloud storage, and grid processing are geared for maximum efficiency and lowest operating cost.  VeriPoint integrates the critical elements of an analytic application to deliver a practical and useful solution that works effectively in the most complex and challenging environments.