Provisions For Success

VeriPoint seeks the highest level of client satisfaction. This starts with meeting expectations. We provide the followingProvisions for Success to ensure you understand the key drivers of our ability to meet your expectations.

TIMETABLES. When you receive your Statement of Work (SOW) or proposal, an approximate timetable will be identified. If we conduct additional discovery following engagement, or if any of the assumptions originally confirmed by you in the SOW change, your timetable may be impacted. Your actual timetable may be affected by the following factors: (i) you fail to engage VeriPoint in a timely period following receipt of your Statement of Work. The timetable communicated in your SOW was based on firm resource availability at the time your SOW was prepared. If you delay your decision, please check with us prior to executing the SOW to confirm your timetable; (ii) the availability of you and others from your company that are required for the discovery process, review meetings or at other points during the engagement; (iii) the ability of your firm to make timely decisions throughout the project; and (iv) timely access for VeriPoint to any systems, software or other information or accesses needed by us to provide the services identified in the SOW.

PURCHASE ORDERS. If your firm requires Purchase Order numbers (PO numbers) on invoices from vendors and suppliers, we will not begin resourcing your project until we receive your PO number. Therefore, to avoid any delays in scheduling resources for your project, please request your internal PO number as soon as possible and provide it with your executed SOW.

PROJECT ACCEPTANCE. We want you to be totally satisfied with your result and your SOW will include a documented review period during which you may note any defects and VeriPoint will correct them. Please be sure to allocate resources at the end of the project for this review process in order that we may complete your project in a timely manner.

INVOICING. Please note our standard policy is to send invoices via email. We do this to keep our costs and rates low. No paper copy will be sent through the postal service unless you specifically notify us. To prevent interruption of services, be sure to let us know if you need special handling for your invoice.