Ida Lau

Co-founder & COO

Ida co-founded VeriPoint in 2002 and brings to the company over 17 years of start up and executive management experience.  She is responsible for business development, client relations, delivery and operational management of VeriPoint and works with clients in a variety of verticals including retail, logistics, manufacturing, real estate, and settlement services.  Under her leadership, VeriPoint is a premiere private label SaaS BI platform serving hundreds of enterprises and municipalities around the nation.  Additionally, her passion for business process efficiencies and her eye for the effective use of sustainable technologies make her a critical asset in crafting best-in-class, robust, and right-sized solutions to meet client’s needs in platforms ranging from, Microsoft and Oracle Enterprise Suites, to various open source stacks.

Actively engaged in the Colorado technology community, Ida serves on steering committees for CSIA since 2008 and co-hosts a podcast,, which highlights technology in business, and conducts a Social Media Workshop.  To all her endeavors, she brings a vast array of insight and thought leadership in how to leverage and integrate social media to meet client’s business objectives.

Prior to VeriPoint, Ida played a key role in executing strategic initiatives at Countrywide Home Loans in the mid 1990’s.  She provided operational and IT development vision in the creation of four de novo units in the real estate closing services area, and transformed “business as usual” using technology to automate, streamline, and validate the entire process.  She took the helm of the fourth start up unit, grew it 100 fold in the first year and achieved the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the family of companies.  It remains a high revenue generator now under Bank of America.

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