Fred Seyffert

Founder & CEO

Fred has been involved in the technology industry for over 27 years. His breadth of experience includes the design, implementation and management of large application platforms in the investment banking, telematics, asset management, retail, hospitality and health care sectors. He designed a number of successful operational  systems in both traditional and distributed environments over the first fifteen years of his career.  He then took part in an early adopter of the SaaS approach to application development and deployment as a senior development manager at RealPage.  These experiences led him to recognize that traditional approaches to both analytics and application development could not address the fundamental challenges facing business today.

After selling his previous company, Summit Technologies, he financed and founded VeriPoint in 2002 with the express goal of creating an industry leading analytic solution for SaaS platforms.  His visionary approach resulted in the architecture of VeriPoint’s e.Mergent platform that transforms the SaaS Business Intelligence space and continues to lead as the solution of choice for true real-time analytics.  Fred’s keen insights into business trends and market shifts continue to steer and position VeriPoint’s technology platform to be at the right place at the right time.

Active in the Java, .Net and SaaS spaces, Fred brings wide architectural and management experience to large projects involving integration and platform development.  With direct experience across virtually every database platform (, Oracle, SQL Server, etc.), all leading deployment and development mechanisms (SalesForce VisualForce/APEX, ASP.NET, JSP, etc.), leading integration toolsets (BizTalk, ETL technologies, ESB/SOA monitoring/correlation), he brings deep and broad experience to major development and deployment efforts.

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